How to create an Alias in Syscoin QT 3.0.x

To be able to create an alias you need to have updated from Syscoin2 if you have not done so yet follow these instructions.

To continue to create an Alias you must be on QT version or later if not please download from the link in the previous guide. To check go to Tools-Debug console and type getinfo

Switch on Coin control, Go to Settings- options

You will also need to have a small amount of Syscoin to create an alias. To find or create an address go to File-receiving addresses,you can see your balances by using Coin control, Go to Send-Inputs.

We will be using the console for all Alias commands and to start with you need to add


In your Syscoin conf file, you can find this by going to Tools-Open Wallet configuration file.

Save this and Close and Open the wallet and it will ask you to rebuild, select OK and allow the wallet to ReSync.

The procedure to create an alias is fully outlined in this document but i will try and make it a little simpler.


What you will need to know to start is the name of the Alias you wish to create (Aliases are all in lower case) ,the addresses you wish to assign it to (this can be a Masternode Collateral address) and the date you wish it to expire (The longer you have it the more it costs). The date format in the console command is in the form of an Epoch value. (

Unlock your wallet. Settings-Unlock


We need to ensure your chosen alias does not exists so type into the console

aliasinfo testalias1

‘testalias1’ being the name of your Alias, if it does not exist you will get this

If it does exists (testalias), you will have to choose another Alias name.

Step 2

Type into the console all one one line

aliasnew testalias1 "" 3 1590601936 SW1W9uYoUQoZHwnZ1rQEjZXnq6hcxqBy6m "" "" ""

Where 1590601936 is the Epoch value from the calculator linked above and SW1W9uYoUQoZHwnZ1rQEjZXnq6hcxqBy6m is the Syscoin address you wish to associate the Alias with. If you just wish to create an Alias without assigning it to an address replace the address with quotes.

Epoch timestamp: 1590601936
Human time (GMT): Wednesday, 27 May 2020 17:52:16

Step 3

syscointxfund 'The Hexvalue returned from the above command without any quotes'

Step 4

signrawtransaction 'The Hexvalue returned from the above command without any quotes'

Step 5

syscoinsendrawtransaction 'The Hexvalue returned from the above command without any quotes'

This will now return a TX and you can see this as a payment to yourself in ‘Transactions’

You will need to wait for a few confirmations before continuing, check here (

Once this TX has at least 2 confirmations we need to carry out Steps 2 -5 again, this time the hex value will be longer ensure you copy it all excluding quotes.

Once you have completed Step 5 and you have had at least 3 confirmations the process is complete.

You can check this by entering

aliasinfo testalias1

This will return values similar to ‘aliastest’ and the address will be the one you assigned it to.

You can check the balance by

aliasbalance testalias1

If the balance is 0 and you where expecting a value this means the process sent the Syscoin to a ‘Change Address’ and you will need to use coin control to send them back to your Alias address. This will NOT happen if the address being used is a Masternode address as these are ‘Locked’ and you coins should show in the Alias.

So you need to select the change address

And send to your Alias address clicking the ‘subtract fee’ box

We can know see the balance in the Alias

And check that you own the alias by

validateaddress SW1W9uYoUQoZHwnZ1rQEjZXnq6hcxqBy6m

To ensure you do not send funds from your Alias address by mistake it is worth ‘Locking’ the addresses, Go to Coin Control and find your input, right click and select lock ‘unspent’

Unlock them when you wish to send.

And the “ismine” value should be true.