Syscoin 4.1 Syscoin-Ethereum Bridge


To carry this out you will need Syscoin node on Linux box VPS.

Minimum 4gb Ram 2 Cores. Ubuntu 18.04 preferred.

To install sycoind choose either 1 or 2

  1. Testnet Masternode Install including Basic

2. Testnet Basic Install for syscoind.


The bridge allows Assets on Syscoin to move back and forth between Syscoin Chain and Ethereum Chain.

The related rpc calls are the following:
syscoinburntoassetallocation / assetallocationburn allows you to move between SYS <-> SYSX (asset on syscoin)

assetallocationburn / assetallocationmint allows you to move from SYSX / or any asset on syscoin <-> extended ERC-20 contract on Ethereum network

In this walkthrough, we will attempt to move 1000 SYS from Syscoin 4.1 Testnet to Ethereum side and back:


Step 1. Move 1000 SYS to SYSX (asset on Syscoin 1965866356)

Using your VPS

We now will move to to complete the move, you will need to have a ‘ metamask’ wallet on the Rinkeby Test Network ( .

You can get some Test ETH from

First Screen shows you the current Superblock

Press Next and enter details as requested, funding address is the address with your Asset in.

Press Generate Transaction

Press Next and follow instructions.

Go back to your VPS

This will give you the Block Hash, press Next

You now have to wait for the next Superblock 3–4 hrs

You can make a copy of the TX (8a55c8e234d520512911aa438415a1e35b76d2964649d0db7aedec78e2fa4369) from the Step 3 screen and return later and enter that again to get the Block Hash again.

We can go back Step 3, enter the saved TX and Press Lookup for then Block Hash, then press Next

Click Get SPV Proofs if it is not yet ready it will inform you, try again later.

Click Next

Click Submit SPV Proofs and confirm Fee, you will have to confirm 2 fees.


Click Finish

Now the token is on Ethereum side. You can view it by going to your metamask -> add token -> custom token -> and add

“ 0xe3d9ccbaedabd8fd4401aab7752f6f224a7ef1c8” which is the Contract address.

My 1000 less fee is now transferred.


Lets send 500 back, the address you send to must have a small Sys balance for fees.

Press Burn Ethereum Token and confirm Fee.

Make a copy of the TX and Press Next

On Testnet you need to wait at least 10 minutes then Press Generate Transaction for Unsigned TX to show. To see time go to and your TX

Press Next and follow instructions

Go to your VPS

This gets the Block Hash now press Finish

My SYSX Balance has reduced by 500 on the Rinkeby Test Network

And increased by 500 on the Syscoin Network

Now we need to burn the allocation to mint as Syscoin


If you are interested in setting up Syscoin 4.1 Sysethereum Agent see this guide.